I am almost certain that this post is going to be reprinted over and over again. Hey lets be honest there is a recession, however you do not need to spend a whole lot for a beautiful wedding. Here is what I would do to have a dream wedding for under $5000 dollars.

First off make a wedding list of services and products needed to pull off a dream wedding without breaking the bank.
1. Location
2. Bridal gown
3. Grooms suit
4. Bride and Grooms wedding party
5. Event design
6. Food at the wedding
7. Music
8. Photography.
9. Wedding Officiant
10. Transportation

Now that we have our list, we are ready to start scouting for a location. Remember the location price you see in the bridal magazines are negotiable. Most especially now that the whole country is in a recession.

The best tip I can suggest is to consider a different date for the wedding, say a Thursday, Friday or Sunday. You can almost certainly get the venue for a lot less on these days. That of course depends on whether or not you are stuck on a particular location. A venue that costs close to $3000 on Saturday more than likely would cost $1500. Also try to avoid placing your wedding on prime wedding months especially if you live in the East Coast. Prime wedding months are June and September.

Permit me to suggest finding a friend or a family member who has a beautiful home and who would consider letting you use the home’s lawn for your wedding. You can even offer an amount say “$500” to use the home.

Next off trim the wedding list; if you have not spoken to a “friend in 29 years” now is not the time to get back in touch, save that for after the wedding. Preferably keep the list to fewer than 50 people, if you succeed in doing this you will end up staying within your wedding budget.

So now let’s assume your ‘friend’ who bought the mansion with a beautiful lake years back has agreed to let you use his location. Perfect! Now order your wedding chairs for guests, and a canopy for you and your spouse to say your vows. Finding rental chairs for 50 should not cost over $300 dollars. A resin chair costs on average $3 to rent so shop around. Purchase the aisle runner for $39 dollars from your local low cost store, for example Wal-Mart. The wedding canopy can be rented for $100 dollars and ten table will cost $100 to rent.

Find an affordable officiant on sites like wedding wire; if you are unable to find one to do it for $100 then have a family member officiate the ceremony; how you ask? Would you believe you can get a certificate online to officiate weddings; if this does not work then you can always go over the city hall for $45 dollars to make it official.

Have your bridesmaid and Grooms men order their own wedding attire; set the theme and the colors, the only costs you and your spouse should worry about is the wedding gown and the grooms suit. Well the groom can rent a tux for $99 and under. Now brides, did you know you too can get a stunning gown for $99; simply pick one up from David’s bridal or for $325 find one on jcrew or order one from china via eBay (custom made); if you are going to order custom made via eBay, be sure to have a back up dress. You can also find your dream dress by going to sample bridal sales or craigslist.

In terms of event design, your table linen can be gotten from fabric or craft stores; you can also save on your center piece by creating it with silk faux flowers also from the craft store; Get the vase from your local dollar store; you will be amazed what you can find.

In terms of photography, find a photographer who is a second shooter or someone who is in college studying photography; Music can be provided via prerecorded ipod music on your computer; have a guest or family member turn it on and play the music depending on the ceremony.

Food can be catered for $1000; now here is the fun part, for a wedding cake, go with a faux cake for three of the layers and have one layer as a real cake where you and your spouse will cut. You can find such cakes at fun cakes rental; or simply get a grocery store cake.

Lest we forget, in terms of transportation once again find a friend with a fancy car; they will be happy to oblige. Besides your wedding and reception are in the same location; so you only need it to get to the location.

There you go now you have your dream wedding for under $5000! Did we miss anything?

We have included our 30 page definitive guide on planning your wedding
for under $5000; a must for a budget friendly wedding originally $19.99 now under $10!

If you  have an iphone here is a cool idea, simply have someone take a picture of the ceremony and then instantly send the pictures to other members of your family who could not make it down using the best iphone application out there called ITIM send and receive photos and text app.



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