MONEY SAVING TIP #1: How I cut my credit card rate down by 3%.

Here is how I cut my credit card rate down by 3%.

I cannot tell you how much I can’t stand it when my credit card rates get raised for no justifiable reason; there is nothing worse than having your rate raised and not being notified when this occurs. I had this happen to me and I am almost certain that the reason this occurred is because the credit card Company was trying to beat the deadline from the congress enacting a bill stopping automatic credit card rate hikes.

Well here is what I had done, when I realized I had another card which allowed transfers, I simply called the credit card company and asked the question as to whether or not I should transfer the money from their card to another card; what would they do?

Well obviously they would not give me any advice as to what to do, instead, they simply requested that I be placed on hold; to which I replied “sure take your time” and before you know it,  they were back on the line and my rate had miraculously gotten reduced by 3%; not bad I will say!

Have you had this work for you? What is your success story?

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